“La musica aiuta a non sentire dentro il silenzio che c'è fuori”

Johann Sebastian Bach

Artistic direction

Arona International Organ Festival & Itinerari organistici in Novara province


Since 2005 Christian Tarabbia is Art Director of Arona International Organ Festival, which is held annually on the Berdelli-Dell’Orto-Lanzini organ Op. 1 at the collegiata of Santa Maria di Arona. This festival is one of the longest-running and most important organ festival on the Italian scene, which saw the performances of the most important organists from all over the world.

Since 2010 he has founded and is the artistic director of the concert series “Itinerari organistici sul territorio della Provincia di Novara”, aimed at making known, enhancing and preserving the huge and very varied organ building heritage present in the churches of Novara Province, Lago Maggiore area and on Borromean islands. A heritage that includes instruments from the 1600s to the 1900s, inserted in the enchanting scenery of Lake Maggiore and Novara Province.



Associazione "Sonata Organi"

Bardelli-Dell'Orto-Lanzini organ in Arona, collegiata di Santa Maria